Over the past six months, it became quite evident it was time for a website updo/redo. Wanting and needing to simplify by combining the Free Recipe Friday blog WITH my Creates site was top priority. Wanting to simplify the creating/editing process, I knew it was time to search out another web editor site. sigh. There are pros and cons to all of them I am sure, but I am a bit non techy, yet want more control over what most offer. There are many glitches still to be hammered out in this 'new and improved' site, so hang tight with those please. I'm still pretty weary from kicking this one off the ground. sigh. Those glitches are pretty frustrating ones I might add. Glitches that couldn't be known until about a bazillion hours were poured into this one. I swore that the next site redo I did would be when I could hire someone to completely do it. Looks like THIS site will have to be overhauled before then. sigh.

May need a few beach days to gear up for that again. Don't know how many more website start ups are left in me. sigh.

I DO thank you for all of the sweet and encouraging words.