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REVIEW: Cracker Barrel

Well, what can I say, we're talking about Cracker Barrel for goodness sake. We recently checked out the newly opened chain in Longview. Was it crowded? Most definitely yes. Are Cracker Barrel's crowded anywhere you go? For us, yes. However, we did not lack for anything to do while we waited for a table. A definite win-win for them.

I must say, I don't think we've ever experienced bad food or service at any stops we have ever made across this great land. What's refreshing for us, is no matter how crowded their restaurants are, the wait staff always seem to be cheery and sometimes even chatty. It's so nice to experience that when you are paying for food, isn't it?! A smile, eye contact and genuine helpfulness are huge in our book. Huge.

We gave it 4 STARS out of 5


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