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REVIEW: Texas Roadhouse

First off. Texas Roadhouse food is consistently, CONSISTENTLY good. However, if they offered an upstairs QUIET place to dine it would be OVER THE TOP!​ That being said, you can only imagine what our latest experience was like. Seated in the middle of several booths, we truly felt as though we were eating a great meal in the middle of the Six Flags Over Texas food court. Roadhouse staff bussing tables as loud as they possibly could. Wait staff running into each other around every corner. It is a very poorly designed set up for sure. It is also not a place one should go for any kind of quiet dinner.

It's quite sad really, when we got to thinking about this generations tendancies to be drawn to noise and constant entertainment. Where on earth do couples go for quiet romantic dates anymore? Certainly not at the local steakhouse chain restaurants.

We gave it 3 STARS out of 5


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