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REVIEW: The Back Porch

We have been enjoying The Back Porch eatery since our college days in the mid '80's. A nice homey burger joint where you feel you're getting more than just a fast food burger. There have been changes over the years, but the majority of those seem to have been in the past few years. Karaoke night is always interesting and there is a great outdoor space as well. A great place for gatherings of all types.

Recent visits there have been a tad disappointing. The ambiance is great, wait staff superb, but although food presentation is well done, the burger patty itself as well as the beans were a bit flavorless and could have used a bit of salt (among other seasonings) while being prepared. A serving from the big pot of beans come as a 'freebie' with any meal purchased, as well as those tasty little cornbread sticks. However, those beans could be SO. MUCH. MORE. instead of what seems to be straight from a can. No amount of salt at the table or hot pepper sauce seemed to help. The burger was juicy and all, but again needed some salt/seasonings added when it was grilled. No amount of salt added at the table helped.

The Back Porch is a great small town eatery, it only needs a tiny bit of tweaking to make it over the top. Prices are a bit high, but quantities are very generous. If you factor in the atmosphere, it all averages out.

We give it 3 STARS out of 5.


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