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Burger Bash

Big plans this long weekend?!? Need a fresh idea for burgers?!? This will be perfect if you happen to be a big fan of buffalo wings. Every now and then that buffalo craving just takes over and thankfully we can get that fix without the fuss of chicken wings. There are so many recipes out there now that bring you the flavor of buffalo wings that aren't just wings. Score one for the home team. Buffalo Turkey Sliders is what we're about this week and I would like to think this version is a bit healthier than regular beef burgers, but with the added blue cheese dressing....maybe not so much. Maybe if you eat a few sticks of celery alongside, the calories won't stick either.

Originally we made our sliders with ground chicken (to mimic the buffalo chicken wing ya see) but we've not been able to consistently find it, so we've moved on to turkey. The trick with turkey sometimes is getting it to stay together in patty form....and trying to ignore it's mushiness. Adding an egg and some breadcrumbs definitely helps out here. Turkey is so mild in flavor you have to actually give it flavor, so pile on the wing sauce.

The burgers are served up on those amazing Hawaiian rolls. Oh my heavens above. Who doesn't love those?!? These sliders are easy to make up ahead and when you are ready to serve, toss them in a bit of buffalo sauce (we love Frank's). Tear open a roll and lay that puppy on there, drizzle it with some blue cheese dressing (use your fav - Shelby makes ours and yum) and I bet you can't eat just one! We threw in a side of zucchini fries and tried to convince ourselves we were eating healthy, ha!


1 lb. ground turkey (or chicken)

1 egg

1/2 - 1 cup breadcrumbs (we used Panko)

Salt/PepperSmall rolls for buns (we used Hawaiian rolls)

Buffalo wing sauce (we used Frank's)

Blue cheese dressing (we made our own)


Make up the ground meat with an egg, salt/pepper and maybe some breadcrumbs.

Form patties until all of the meat is usedand try not to be disgusted by the smoother texture of the turkey.The colder the meat, the better it cooperates.

Set patties aside or refrigerate for cooking later.

When you're ready to cook, heat a heavy pan to medium heat

and after spraying with a bit of non stick spray,

pan fry the thin little patties, flipping after several minutes

and finishing the cooking process on the other side.

Set patties aside to drain excess fat.

Slowly pour a bit of buffalo wing sauce over each patty

flip and then repeat on the other side.

You can refrigerate at this point or place in between

small rolls or buns.

These sliders will definitely hit the spot for that burger craving

and will be over the top for your wing craving.

They'll be great made up ahead.

Double the amounts and you'll be able to feed a mob.



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