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Each personalized illustration is hand drawn by me and only me. Many hours go into the designing, sketching and coloring of each drawing.  Just like with any type of design or illustrating project, much thought goes into visualizing the end product before pen is ever put to paper.  I do not have a team of little ants to carry out any part of the design.  It's all me and sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day.


Why are these illustrations so expensive, aren't they just stick people?

These drawings are not a simple sketch scribbled quickly and colored haphazardly.  Each are hand drawn and not photoshopped in any way.  Much thought has gone into each illustration so that the details are customized to truly represent the recipient.  


Prices begin at $45.


How long will it take to receive my illustration?

Most drawings take anywhere from ten to twelve hours or more depending on the details. Please note that I continue to work full time as a minister's assistant, as well as, managing my first priorities of being wife to my husband and mom to three daughters.  Life is often very full and chaotic.  Thank you for your patience.


How do I order an illustration?

Once you've contacted me requesting a drawing, I will insist on as many details about the subject to be drawn as possible.  Photos, descriptions, background info and details, details, details. 


Do I need to schedule a meeting to collaborate?

No.  That is one benefit in this age of technology.  I've actually never met most clients or even talked with them on the phone.  The majority of the info was passed via email, texting or social media.  That is truly a wonderful thing for our busy lives.  


However, if you would feel better about a face to face meeting or to hear a human voice, please contact me and we can arrange that, no problem.  Again, keep in mind that I work full time and am unable to take personal calls at certain times of the day.


How do I pay for an item?

Paypal is the quickest and easiest form of payment.  Once I have gathered all of the needed drawing details from you and we have guestimated an illustration delivery time, I will email you a Paypal invoice.  Once payment is received, I will send you the digital file(s) of the illustration as well as mail you a hard copy (if requested).  


Digital files can then be used to print on the paper of your choice from your home or local print shop and may also be printed on various items such as mugs, t-shirts, hats, and the like.  


Do I print the illustration myself?

Once payment is received, I will send the digital file(s) of the illustration (via Dropbox) as well as mail you a hard copy (if requested).


Digital files can then be used to print on the paper of your choice from your own printer (for a framable print), used on social media, or printed on various items available at most printing shops (i.e., mugs, shirts, hats, etc).  If you would like me to print cards/invitations for you, a price sheet is available upon request.


PLEASE NOTE:  Copyright info may not be cropped or removed from any copyrighted illustration.

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