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The roller coaster chapters of my life thus far, have taken me through many different phases of artsy things.  The love of drawing houses began as far back as elementary school to drawing shoes and stick people with big heads in middle school.  My love of fonts came into play while painting school spirit signs in high school.  All of that led to studying commercial art in college, where I happened to meet my husband, and then cooking the most yummy things in my parent's little restaurant/tea room.  During those years, I learned more from my mom about cooking and crafting than probably any other time in my life.  

Soon the crafting decade began, as we had little girls growing and growing, and knew making things were less expensive and cuter than store bought.  The passion for more refined cooking techniques took hold as a young stay at home mom as well, watching daily cooking programs on PBS.  Those were the wonder years.  When the girls were of the teenage years, I began cooking at our church for the weekly meals.  Those years were priceless as I learned to plan and cook for 250 plus every week.  Later came 'crumbs & crayons' as I began drawing 'my people' and baking cakes/cookies/cupcakes and cinnamon rolls.  

Our girls are mostly grown now and our lives are somehow busier.  The baking days are on hiatus and I'm now a music ministry assistant by day, illustrator and food blogger by night, and a contributing writer for The Wedded Bliss in between.  I'm so very grateful to be wife to the best husband on the planet, mom to three mostly grown and awesome redheaded girls, and work for the best boss in the world.  

We love the beach.  We live nowhere near a beach.  And we love food.

The End.

The Family

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